Stormsure Repair Kits

Whether it’s a leak in your boat or a tear in your wetsuit, Stormsure glues and adhesives ensure all your equipment and kit are watertight and safe to use. From general wear and tear or more significant rips and damage, Stormsure flexible repair adhesives, patches and glue are suitable for a wide range of materials and can fix everything from your boots and shoes to your clothing, bags and even your boat. When it comes to watersports accessories, Stormsure glues and adhesives are emergency equipment essentials to have in your kit. 

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Stormsure is the go-to brand for repairing and maintaining your paddle gear. Rather than throwing out and replacing your kit, why not fix it and make it last longer? Our Stormsure range at NorthShore Watersports includes adhesives, sealants and waterproofing sprays ideal for fixing and enhancing watersports clothing and equipment. Check out our full Stormsure range for high-quality products at excellent prices.

Our Stormsure range

Stormsure is a British business that designs and creates maintenance products to repair a huge range of materials. Instead of getting rid of clothing and kit, Stormsure products give you a quick and easy solution that means your equipment lasts much longer than you thought.

Our Stormsure repair kits feature everything you need to get your clothing back in working order. These are so fast-working that you can either patch up your dry/wetsuits at home before you head out, or do it on the shoreline if you notice a tear during your kayaking trip. Stormsure seam sealers get deep into the threads of your clothing to fix cuts and splits in your suit’s fabric, and we also have a selection of other pocket-sized Stormsure adhesives, so you can always keep something handy just in case.

The Stormsure range at NorthShore Watersports features a maintenance product for almost any material, from neoprene to plastic. Browse the full range of check out more paddling accessories to help you at your sport.