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Front of Kayak 24/08/2017

Guide to Autumn Kayaking

Kayaking in autumn is hugely popular among paddlers. The different weather and water conditions make for an entirely new kayaking experience than you’d get in the calmer spring and summer seasons. Plus, the landscape is just starting change colour which gives us incredible sceneries and photos. But cold-season kayaking presents a few obstacles, so you need to be prepared. Here, we’ve put together a guide to autumn kayaking so you can check off what you need for the best paddling experience next season.   Plan where to go This first... Read More

Man on SUP 24/07/2017

SUP vs. Sit-On-Top Kayaking

If you’re searching for a new watersport, you need to know the pros and cons to make the best choice. That’s why we’ve taken two hugely popular paddling sports — stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and sit-on-top kayaking — and put them head-to-head to find where one excels and the other falls short.   Location   You can do both SUP and sit-on-top kayaking pretty much anywhere. However, this depends on your experience and confidence. With SUP you’re generally less stable, so staying clear of rapid-moving waters and sticking with calm beaches,... Read More

Cornish Coast 10/07/2017

7 Must-Go Places in the UK for a Canoeing Trip

Looking for where to canoe in the UK? We’ve researched countless paddling waterways across the country to come up with the best places to canoe for families, groups and solo paddlers.   With beautiful spots in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; you can find the ideal canoeing adventure near you, no matter how experienced or new to the sport you are.   England Derwentwater, Lake District National Park If you’re looking for places to canoe in England that offer stunning landscapes to enjoy as you paddle, Derwentwater is up... Read More

Man in Orange River Runner Kayak 09/06/2017

Top Playboating Tricks Anyone Can Master

  Playboating, also known as freestyle kayaking, is the perfect mix of excitement and technique. A form of whitewater kayaking — the thrill-seeker’s number one hobby — this sport is all about using the water’s waves, holes, eddylines, and power to perform incredible tricks.   If you want to push your limits, soar above the water and build up a portfolio of skills; we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on some of the top playboating tricks for you to master.   Take a look at our tutorials to see how... Read More

Motorboat at Sea 26/05/2017

Perks of Powerboating

Powerboating might be one of those strands of watersports that you’ve never bothered with. Either you think it’s lacking in the skill and technique it takes to manoeuvre a kayak and canoe, or you’re not really sure what’s involved with it.   The powerboat experience is soaring in popularity with venues across the UK hosting powerboat sessions and tutorials for everyone from beginner families to pro groups.   If you want to find out more about this fast-rising sport and see if it’s something you want to have a go... Read More

Man Paddling with Dog 17/05/2017

Kayaking with Dogs: Your How-To Guide

Combining your favourite hobby with your favourite family members is the dream for most enthusiasts. And what better, uncomplaining part of your family to welcome into your paddling hobby than your pet? Kayaking with dogs is surging in popularity. These pets are famous for their companionship and make great paddling partners due to their (often) natural affinity for swimming and (eternal) love for being by their owners’ side. But there are several hazards you could face when learning how to kayak with a dog. An untrained, excitable and curious pet... Read More

Five Ten Water Tennie Shoe 02/05/2017

Top Water Shoes for 2017

If you’re looking for something to simultaneously boost your skill and safety on the water, look first to your water shoes. What you wear on your feet massively affects your stability, security and paddling performance, so it’s vital you make the right choice. To help, we’ve picked out the main features you need to have in each water shoe to maximise your development and enjoyment, as well as our top water shoe choices to assist in your decision-making. So, take a browse before you buy.   Waterproof materials and features... Read More

Man on SUP 17/04/2017

Stand Up Paddleboarding: the Mind, Mood and Body Booster

For a relatively new watersport, stand-up paddleboarding (or SUP) is fast attracting a solid fan base. With many enthusiasts sure it’ll soon become an Olympic sport and a global increase of participants every year since 2010; now’s the time to ask what the benefits of stand-up paddleboarding really are. If you’re debating whether to get involved, read through our top pros of SUP and find out how America’s fastest growing outdoor sport could improve your lifestyle and even enhance your physical and mental health.       Easy to learn... Read More

Man in Orange River Runner Kayak 03/04/2017

Whitewater Kayaking vs. Touring Kayaking

Every paddler gets something different from being out on the water. Whether it’s enjoying peace and tranquility; exploring new places; feeling that adrenaline rush; or learning to handle new environments. These are the fundamental features of watersports. But out of all the paddling varieties, how do you know which suits you best? We’ve taken two watersport titans — whitewater kayaking and touring kayaking — and pitted them against each other to find out how they compare. From most exciting to worst for developing abilities, check out what excels and what... Read More

Cherry wave Sport Kayak 13/03/2017

Why Wave Sport Diesel Kayaks Give the Ultimate River Running Experience

Finding the ideal river runner kayak is hard for two reasons: There are hundreds of good watersports brands to choose from. River running is a sport within a sport, which makes it tricky to find that ‘just-right’ design. That’s why we’re going to give you all the facts and specs to show you exactly why our favourite range of kayaks for river running — the Wave Sport Diesel selection — is the best choice for the ultimate river running experience. We stock thousands of items from brands based across the... Read More