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how to choose canoe paddles 23/08/2019
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How to Choose the Right Canoe Paddles

  Whether you’re already an experienced paddler or you’re brand new to watersports, ensuring you have the right canoe paddle is crucial to your efficiency, progress and overall enjoyment when you’re out on the water.  In need of a replacement canoe paddle or looking for your very first? Here at NorthShore Watersports, we’ve created a simple guide to choosing your canoe paddles, including how to find the right canoe paddle length, materials and shape for all canoeing ventures. Canoe Paddle Sizing When it comes to canoe paddle sizing, the length... Read More


Product Focus: Gregory Backpacks Review

    On the hunt for the best new backpack? The Gregory backpacks brand is widely recommended by recreational hikers and professional mountaineers alike as one of the best backpack brands in the world, so we thought we’d take a closer look ourselves to see what all the fuss is about. About Gregory Backpacks Based in Salt Lake City, Utah, American brand Gregory Mountain Products has one goal when it comes to its backpacks: to create the most comfortable and reliable outdoor backpacks in the world. When it comes to... Read More

Select Paddles, Select Kayak Paddles 23/07/2019

Brand Review: Select Paddles

Who are Select Paddles? Select Paddles have made a splash in the world of watersports in recent years with its extensive range of high-quality performance paddles for kayaking and canoeing activities. Made in France and crafted with a combination of innovation, technological prowess and passion, Select paddles are now considered some of the best kayak paddles in the industry and the brand are at the forefront of innovative paddle design. It’s this high standard of experienced craftsmanship, expertise and fantastic value for money that makes Select Paddles an unrivalled choice... Read More

Astral Footwear, Astral Shoes, Astral Hemp Footwear, Hemp Shoes, Hemp Trainers 22/05/2019

Product Review: Astral Hemp Shoes

About Astral Founded in 2002, Astral was born from a desire to create ethical and environmentally conscious outdoor sports equipment. Before 2012, the brand was best known for its innovative range of life jackets and was the first in the industry to remove all toxic materials from its manufacturing process. Since then, its eco-friendly ethos and technical prowess have expanded to its range of vegan Astral footwear, designed to offer form and function whether running rivers, hitting the trails or exploring the town. Astral Hemp Footwear Here at Northshore Watersports,... Read More

Kayaking Equipment List, Kayak Essentials, Kayaking Kit 20/02/2019

Kayaking Equipment List – Have You Got All You Need for Your Watersports Trip?

Planning a kayaking trip this year? Whether it’s a whitewater adventure or a small river run, ensuring you have all the kayaking kit you need is crucial for both a safe and enjoyable trip out on the water. From safety equipment and clothing to useful tools and additional extras, here at NorthShore Watersports, we’ve created a kayaking equipment list for you to check off to make sure you have all the kayak essentials you need before your trip! Clothing First things first on our kayaking equipment list is clothing. Ensuring... Read More

Robson paddles, Robson kayak paddles, Kayak paddles, Canoe paddles 20/02/2019
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Brand Review: Robson Paddles

    Distributed globally and supplied to some of the top freestyle boaters in the world, Robson kayak paddles and canoe paddles are considered some of the best in the industry. With their high-quality and innovative designs, Robson paddles are an excellent choice when it comes to choosing your equipment for any watersports venture you have planned. Ergonomically designed to offer smooth control in even the most challenging of water conditions, Robson kayak paddles and canoe paddles are the ideal choice for both experienced paddlers and those just dipping their... Read More

Front of Kayak 24/08/2017

Guide to Autumn Kayaking

Kayaking in autumn is hugely popular among paddlers. The different weather and water conditions make for an entirely new kayaking experience than you’d get in the calmer spring and summer seasons. Plus, the landscape is just starting change colour which gives us incredible sceneries and photos. But cold-season kayaking presents a few obstacles, so you need to be prepared. Here, we’ve put together a guide to autumn kayaking so you can check off what you need for the best paddling experience next season.   Plan where to go This first... Read More

Man on SUP 24/07/2017

SUP vs. Sit-On-Top Kayaking

If you’re searching for a new watersport, you need to know the pros and cons to make the best choice. That’s why we’ve taken two hugely popular paddling sports — stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and sit-on-top kayaking — and put them head-to-head to find where one excels and the other falls short.   Location   You can do both SUP and sit-on-top kayaking pretty much anywhere. However, this depends on your experience and confidence. With SUP you’re generally less stable, so staying clear of rapid-moving waters and sticking with calm beaches,... Read More

Cornish Coast 10/07/2017

7 Must-Go Places in the UK for a Canoeing Trip

Looking for where to canoe in the UK? We’ve researched countless paddling waterways across the country to come up with the best places to canoe for families, groups and solo paddlers.   With beautiful spots in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales; you can find the ideal canoeing adventure near you, no matter how experienced or new to the sport you are.   England Derwentwater, Lake District National Park If you’re looking for places to canoe in England that offer stunning landscapes to enjoy as you paddle, Derwentwater is up... Read More

Man in Orange River Runner Kayak 09/06/2017

Top Playboating Tricks Anyone Can Master

  Playboating, also known as freestyle kayaking, is the perfect mix of excitement and technique. A form of whitewater kayaking — the thrill-seeker’s number one hobby — this sport is all about using the water’s waves, holes, eddylines, and power to perform incredible tricks.   If you want to push your limits, soar above the water and build up a portfolio of skills; we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on some of the top playboating tricks for you to master.   Take a look at our tutorials to see how... Read More