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how to wash a wetsuit 01/06/2021

How to Wash a Wetsuit: Wetsuit Care and Storage

Buying wetsuits should be seen as a long term investment, especially those that are brand new or top of the range. Like any purchase, if you part ways with a lot of cash, then you’ll want to make sure what you’ve bought remains in good condition for as long as possible. There are a number of ways you can approach storing, wearing, caring for and cleaning your wetsuit that will help you do just that. From how to wash a wetsuit to how to store it, here at NorthShore Watersports,... Read More

kayaking with dogs, canoeing with dogs 01/06/2021

Kayaking and Canoeing with Dogs: The Ultimate Guide

Those who enjoy the outdoors often like to bring their dogs along for the fun. That’s easy enough when you’re hiking or running, but how can you involve your canine pal when you want to head out in a kayak or canoe?  Kayaking or canoeing with a dog can work brilliantly, but there are a few points to keep in mind before you head out onto the water. Here at NorthShore Watersports, we’ve created a guide with our top tips for ensuring a safe and enjoyable paddle with your pup.... Read More

what to wear kayaking, kayaking clothes 04/02/2021
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What to Wear Kayaking in Winter

Just because it’s winter, it doesn’t mean you have to stop doing the watersports you love! Experiencing different climates and changing seasons offers a variety of picturesque landscapes and water conditions – which is what makes kayaking so addictive and exciting.  Any experienced paddler knows that to enhance ability, duration and experience, you need to dress for the occasion. You lose body heat much faster in water than in open air, and with close proximity to icy waves and wide-open water, it’s crucial that you’re wearing the right kayaking clothing... Read More

winter kayaking, kayaking gear 04/02/2021
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The Ultimate Guide To Winter Kayaking & Canoeing

Here at NorthShore Watersports, we know that kayaking and canoeing aren’t just for the warmer months. Heading out onto the water in autumn and winter is hugely popular among paddlers; the different weather and water conditions make for an entirely new watersports experience than you’d get in the calmer spring and summer seasons, plus the landscape offers incredible scenery and photo opportunities! Some of the best adventures can be had during winter, but winter kayaking and canoeing present a few obstacles you really need to be prepared for. To help... Read More

Man in Orange River Runner Kayak 16/09/2020

Freestyle Kayaking: Top Playboating Tricks Anyone Can Master

Playboating, also known as freestyle kayaking, is the perfect mix of excitement and technique. A form of whitewater kayaking — the thrill-seeker’s number one hobby — this sport is all about using the water’s waves, holes, eddylines, and power to perform incredible tricks. Want to push your limits, soar above the water and build up a portfolio of skills? Here at Northshore Watersports, we’ve put together a step-by-step guide on some of the top playboating kayak tricks for you to master. Take a look at our tutorials to see how... Read More

Cornish Coast 16/09/2020

Canoe Holidays UK: 7 Must-Go Places for a Canoe Trip

Are you looking for canoe holiday UK hotspots? Here at NorthShore Watersports, we’ve researched countless paddling waterways across the country to find the best locations for canoe trips for families, groups and solo paddlers.   With beautiful spots in England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, our list includes ideal locations all over the UK. Whether you’re an experienced paddler or new to the sport, you can find the perfect spot on our list for all your upcoming canoe adventures! England Derwentwater, Lake District National Park View this post on Instagram A... Read More

wild camping checklist, wild camping essentials, wild camping equipment list 27/02/2020

Wild Camping Tips & A Full Wild Camping Checklist

Planning a wild camping trip in the great outdoors? While the draw of wild camping is the freedom to pitch up in remote rural landscapes without the constraints of a campsite, the lack of usual amenities and navigating wild camping UK laws does mean it requires some careful planning. To help you ensure you’re prepared for your trip, here at NorthShore Watersports we’ve created a guide with our wild camping tips, including a full wild camping checklist to refer to as you pack. From the wild camping equipment and kit... Read More

Wild Camping UK locations 14/01/2020

5 Wild Camping UK Locations

Love camping but long for a more remote spot to pitch up your tent or bivvy bag? While campsites are a great option for many, if you’re looking for more freedom and a deeper connection to the great outdoors, wild camping could be just what you’re looking for. Whether it’s camping in the forest or on remote moorlands, pitching up in the wilderness offers an experience like no other.  Looking for inspiration? Here at NorthShore Watersports, we’ve picked out five of our top wild camping UK destinations for you to... Read More

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